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      CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino
      • CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino

      CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino con cable

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      CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino


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      The module CP2102 USB to TTL / high speed STC Download / hard Brush

      STC download notes: SCM must be minimum system, an external crystal oscillator.

      Download STC single victory over PL2303 scheme, maximum download speeds of up to 115200 baud rate.

      Note: the USB to serial port can be used more than STC-ISPV3.94 version download old version of STC MCU STC89C and STC12C ( LE ) series ( the new version of chip can not download, users will download the software on the highest and lowest baud rate settings for the same can download ( 1200), we can not do that, please consider)

      CP2102 Description:

          CP2102 USB to serial chip silbab developed, compact, peripheral does not require any element can be enough to become one of the most simple USB-UART program, the communication rate of up to 1Mbps serial products easily upgrade to the USB port, but because of its small size, while MLP package, welding some technical difficulty, so the owner designed this compact USB-UART modules, and leads to the interface, including 5V, 3.3V, TXD, RXD, GND, which TXD, RXD can directly pick a the MCU serial convenient for early debugging, even 3.3V systems from the module to take power (less than 100mA) LED display module is powered on and working properly.

      The single-chip USB to UART data converters:

        - Integrated USB transceiver eliminates the need for external resistors
        - Integrated clock without external oscillator
        - Integrated 512-byte EEPROM for power Signage version number of the supplier code product code serial number and product description data storage space
        - On-chip power-on reset circuit - chip voltage regulator 3.3V output USB function controller
        - Compliant with USB specification 2.0 full-speed (12 Mbps)
        - Through the SUSPEND and RI pin support USB suspend state

      Asynchronous serial data bus (UART):

        - All handshaking and modem interface signals
        - Data format support:
         • Data bit 8
         • Stop bits 1, 2
         • Parity: odd parity, even parity, no parity
        - Baud Rate 300bps to 921.6kbps
        -512 Byte receive buffer 512 byte transmit buffer
        - Support hardware or X-On/X-Off of handshake
        - Support the event status and line termination conditions

      - Material: PCB
      - Rango de Velocidad de transmisión: 300-921.6kbps
      - Control de chip: CP2102
      - Voltaje de funcionamiento: 4V ~ 5.25V
      - Soporte de Windows: Windows 98SE/ 2000/ XP / VISTA / 7 / Linux / Mac OS, etc
      - Tensión de salida: salida de voltaje dual (3,3 V y 5V)
      - Salida de indicador: El indicador de encendido, indicador TXD

      Dimensiones: 1,10 x 0,71 en en x 0,28 en (2,8 cm x 1,8 cm x 0,7 cm)
      Peso: 0,53 oz (15 g)

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      CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino con cable

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      CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino

      CP2102 USB a TTL Arduino con cable

      8.999 $
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